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February 27, 2023

POW Stories > Capture and Camp Life

POW Stories > The Long, Cold March

     Added Medlen, Dalton: "One Enemy Was Conquered"

February 23, 2023

Kriegies Past and Present > Kriegy death dates updatee

Taps > Taps list updated

February 1, 2023

Home > Video interviews link placed on Home page menu

January 31, 2023

Home > Galleries

     New photos added to Wartime Kriegy Photos and Kriegy


January 18, 2023

Home > Books

     Added Bisia & Isham: The Countess and the POW,

     A Trojan's War, and Birth of a Regiment

Decmber 31, 2022

Home > ITEM Newsletter

    New issue: 4th Quarter 2022

Home > Books

     Added Great Escape Forger and a new cover of The Colonel

October 1, 2022

Home > ITEM Newsletter

    New issue: 3rd Quarter 2022

June 30, 2022

Home > ITEM Newsletter

    New issue: 2nd Quarter 2022

Taps > Updates to Taps list

POW Database > Updates to some ranks, units, repartriation status

April 2, 2022

Home > ITEM Newsletter

    New issue: 1st Quarter 2022

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