Oflag 64 Reunion

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

September 14-18, 2005

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Ft. Lauderdale Skyline - Distance
Ft. Lauderdale Skyline - Close Up
Ft. Lauderdale from Hotel Window
Embassy Suites: Ft. Lauderdale
Embassy Suites: Hotel Lobby
Embassy Suites Elevator
Embassy Suites Rooms & Balconies
Embassy Suites Courtyard
Embassy Suites: Courtyard Eating Area
Embassy Suites: Courtyard Fountain
Embassy Suites: Courtyard Waterfall & Stream
Breakfast: Reid Ellsworth Family, Kriegies & Families
Breakfast: Barbara Richins, Henry & Diane Hill
Hospitality Room: Reid Ellsworth & “Doc” DiFranesco Chatting
Hospitality Room: Kathy Ezell, Cecily & Chris Weatherford, Henry Hill, Bill Warthen, “Cheerful Charlie” Cheatham, Chris Heisler, Jimmie Kanaya, “Doc” DiFranacesco & Ed Graf
Hospitality Room: Ed Graf, Joe Seringer, Curtis Jones & Ellen Warthen
Hospitality Room: Joe Seringer, Curtis Jones, Ellen Warthen, Jimmie Kanaya
Hospitality Room: Abe Baum, Barry Richins, Cecily Weatherford, Reid Ellsworth, “Doc” DiFrancesco, Ed Graf & Brad Bradford
Hospitality Room: A Page from Brad Bradford’s Censored Diary
Hospitality Room: Brad Bradford’s Diary/Portrait
Rosa Lee, Irv Solotoff (reunion host), Don Graul, Marcia Kanners & Maria Christmann
Business Meeting: Pat Waters, Bob Thompson, & Irv Solotoff (reunion host)
Ft. Lauderdale: White Sands Beach
Ft. Lauderdale: Coconut Palms
Ft. Lauderdale: Ocean Liner
Ft. Lauderdale: Yacht Parking
Ft. Lauderdale: Riverboat Docked At The Marina
Ft. Lauderdale: Condominiums & Boats Along The Waterway & Barry Richins
Ft. Lauderdale: Cruise On The “Venice” of Florida
Ft. Lauderdale: Home On The Waterway
Ft. Lauderdale: Yacht For Sale
Kriegies & Families Enjoying A BBQ Dinner Of Ribs, Chicken, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Potatoes, Prawns, and Cake for Dessert
Lorien Caldwell, Elodie Caldwell, Barry & Barbara Richins, & Reid Ellsworth Enjoying A BBQ Dinner
Ft. Lauderdale: Marina At Dusk
Everglades: Airboat Tour Group
Everglades: Airboat
Everglades: Airboat Propeller Blades
Everglades: Reeds & Lillies

Everglades: Alligator Straight Ahead
Everglades: Alligator Taking A Look
Everglades: Smiling Alligator
Everglades: Trees & Lillies
Everglades: Trees & Reeds
Everglades: Alligator Show
Everglades: 3-Fingered Alligator Tamer
Banquet: Kriegies & Families
Banquet: 27 Kriegies
27 Kriegies By Name
Memorial Meeting: Irv Solotoff (reunion host)

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