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The ITEM was the name given to the monthly newsletter published by a group of POWs during their captivity.

From Achtung Oflag 64, by Jim Bickers: “Always innovative, Oflag 64 was probably the only prison camp in the history of the world to have its own printed newspaper. No one yet knows why the Germans permitted it, in view of their sorry record in other matters. But the Oflag Item was actually printed by one of the German guards and his surly wife who had taken over a Polish print shop, with its old linotype machine and many fonts of type. They did a good job of it, too, after the many language typos were corrected.”

The newsletter was revived several years after liberation as the “Post-Oflag 64 ITEM”, and is currently published quarterly by editor Elodie Caldwell. It keeps the former “kriegsgefangenen”, their families, and others informed of group news and events. A look at the ITEM over the years provides insight into the activities and thoughts of the men, during and after captivity. Follow the links on the right to read the current issue of the ITEM or one of the archive issues.