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Cole, MAJ Newton R - wartime log    

Corbin, 2LT Robert L – interview: segment 1, segment 2, segment 3, segment 4, segment 5, segment 6, segment 7  

Dowse, CPT Milton E - audio interview, interview transcript and documents    

Eckman, CPT Robert E - interview    

Frederick, 2LT Donald S - bio page and interview

Jones, 2LT Curtis S - interview   

Levin, T/5 Robert E - interview part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6    

Lumpkin, CPT Tony B -  info about the book "Captured Yesterday, The WWII Diary of Tony B. Lumpkin"

Mohn, CPT John J - website "John Mohn's Forced March", includes video

Parker, 2LT Richard B. - article from 'Foreign Service Jourmal'   NEW

Schaefer, COL William H. - article from the Baltimore Sun    NEW

Sigler, CPT Thornton V - POW journal  

Wheeler, 2LT Bertram A - bio page, war experiences  


Air Force Personnel Center

Army Personnel Center

AXPOW - American Ex-POW Organization

D-Day: Normandy and Beyond (Eyewitness memories of WW II)

"Find a Grave" page showing Oflag 64 Kriegy's graves

L'Amicale de l'Oflag IID-IIB-XXIB (French site: Friends of Oflag IID-IIB-XXIB -- camp for French POWs before it was Oflag 64)

Medals of America (purchase medals/military items)

Military Records

National Archives (NARA) Database Search [enter POW name]

Search the National Archives WWII POW Data File

Search the National Archives WWII Prisoners of the Japanese Data File

National WWII Memorial

National WWII Museum

Oflag 64 Record Blog (by Mariusz Winiecki)

Oflag 64 Record Facebook page (by Mariusz Winiecki)  

Task Force Baum Artifacts

Tragedy Assistance Survivors Program

University of Florida Digital Collections for Oflag 64 ITEM

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans History Project - Library of Congress

WWII U.S. Veterans Website