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In preparation for a future Oflag 64 museum exhibit, biographies are being written about as many Kriegies as possible. Thank you to the families who have written bios already for their Kriegy. Other bios have been written by our Kriegy Research Group bio-writing team, consisting of David Little, Ann Rogers, David Stewart, and Anne Trujillo. Many of our bios still need photos and other supporting additions, so technically many of these are still in draft form, but we are pleased with what we've been able to post here so far.  Each team-written bio ends with the name of the bios' author. If you know that a bio has already been written for your Kriegy but don't see it online yet, please let us know.  All bios in our files have been added to this list.  If you find errors that need to be corrected, please also let us know.

If you have questions or additions for these bios, or if you would like to write a bio for your Kriegy please contact

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Cockrell, 1LT James Leroy Jr.

Durgin, 2LT George Lippincott

Edsall, 1LT Lester Kenneth (13mb)

Holt, 1LT Thomas Michael

Liggett, 2LT Francis Eugene

Seringer, 2LT Joseph Edward

Von Schriltz, CPT Richard S

NOTE: There are several more Kriegy biographies and autobiographies that can be found online.  Links to these are located in the top segment of our Links page.